How much does it cost?
The plans start at $70/month but pricing may vary based on your jurisdiction. Shipping costs are a large factor of the monthly costs.
When do I receive my first products?
You will receive your products within 30 days of making your first payment.
How do I cancel my membership?
If you want to cancel your plan please send an email to with the subject "Cancel Plan". Please also include your name.
What if I change my address?
If you need to change your address please just email us at so we can update our information and put into the subject live "New Address"
What if I dont receive my product or test?
Every time we send a product we will email you a tracking number. If the product is returned to us we will send you an email to confirm your address before we attempt to send it again.
What happens after I have received all the products I selected?
Technology and tests keeps improving every year and we are always sourcing and testing new products to integrate into your wellness ecosystem. Once you have received all your products and tests we will let you choose new products and tests from our updated product selection page (
What do you do with my information?
Your information will be kept confidential and we will not sell your information. The information collected by Live Timeless will be analyzed for your benefit . We try to collect and save as little information as possible while trying to generate the most insightful output for you.  For details please review our Privacy Policy which is published on our site.